Why Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers are very durable, built to haul 20-30 tons and stacked 10 containers high. These airtight, watertight, steel structures are built to last and in addition are easily portable.

There are millions of shipping containers that are put to waste each year, upwards of about half a million.

Let’s Recycle & Re-Purpose these structures for more affordable living!


Shipping Containers are very portable, incredibly durable and solid, they can be moved and transported several different ways.


Yes! We insulate our containers with specifically designed insulation made for the containers. Their walls are corrugated steel, giving them good insulation qualities.


Pricing of our units range from 30k to 98k and go up depending on upgrades and customizations.

Range of square footage?

Our typical units start at 160 Sq ft - 480 sq ft but we can certainly go bigger!

Absolutely! Our designer can work with you on designing your dream studio or home that can meet your needs.

Can I customize my unit?

Where can I put my unit?

Ideally placing your unit on your property or backyard is the most common placement. Zoning and codes vary in cities and counties, we advise that you check with your city or county office as far as permitting your unit goes. Keep in mind that your unit can be placed on wheels - classifying it as an RV. We work closely with a general contractor, so permitting can be done by us as well if you would like, at an additional charge.

Depending on local codes containers can be anchored or mounted to suit.

Do I need a foundation for my unit?

Delivery and locating your unit can be arranged for a small fee.

Do you offer delivery?

Typically build time runs 6-8 weeks unless we have a unit of your choice in stock.

What is the build time?

Each unit comes with standard hookups for sewage, water and power.

Electrical and sewage hookup?

Shipping containers are treated and coated to withstand harsh marine conditions. Rusting will only occur where metal surfaces are damaged, and these areas can be easily treated.

Rust Proof?

Yes, Tiny Studios carry a 180 day workmanship warranty.


We are happy to work with you to design your off the grid unit using our LEED certified General Contractor.

Off the grid units?

We don’t offer financing as of right now, but we are hoping to soon. We direct our clients to Lightstream - a division of SunTrust Bank as well as Upstart, LendingClub, Citizens Bank, Freedom Plus and Sofi. We do accept credit card and can split cost over several payments if needed.